With a team of 30 employees, our family-owned business has been serving customers for more than half a century. Don’t just buy an engine, get Reliable Horsepower.

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IIS has been a family-owned and operated business since its establishment in the 1950s. We constantly strive to better provide our customers with the customized solutions they need for industrial, oil & gas, and agricultural engine package applications. While we focus on supplying engines from our Reliable Horsepower line, John Deere, and Guascor Energy, we also offer parts and solutions from reputable companies around the globe.

Oil & Gas Production
For artificial lift, hydraulic units, and more. So the lights can stay on.
Power Generation/ Gen Set
Reliable off-grid power generation, engineered for your kind of work.
Gas Compressors
Versatile, reliable natural gas engines.

Ag Irrigation
Economic, hard-working irrigation engines that are easy on you–and your wallet.